February 03, 2010


Immersion language courses excite me.
I remember back to high school and college;
"traditional" Spanish and French classes,
and my sorry attempts to learn another language.

This week, my current instructor cut through the crap
of what could be a boring first class.

Reminding us:
Many visitors attempt to memorize 400 "new" nouns in the language-of-choice;
to "speak fluently" in a foreign country,
but are forced to use (a whole lot of) sign language to communicate.

But properly armed with correct verbs, (maybe 50-100),
correct use of verbs,
and not only one verb per sentence - but many;
strung into beautiful, specific, jewel-like necklaces of structure and form
joined with only 50-100 nouns...
Opens the clearest path to be understood, to understand others,
and work with the correct tools and material,
toward the proper respect of people and languages in the countries we visit.

I am on a journey in Santa Fe
- for more beautiful Spanish.
My best friend begins her journey this weekend in the Midwest
- for the passion of Italian.

Dive in and do your best.
The shiniest rocks are in the deepest pools;
and are worth the most work.


Alyce said...
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J/M said...

Hi Alyce,
Nope sorry I have not had the guts to try - am considering this weekend. From what I understand I can copy my blog, delete it (the really scary thought) and re-publish it under my new email account. My husband & I share 2 blogs on my account - and he has offered to try the experiment with his blog first. I'll comment at this day's post when we give it a try. M

Lisa said...

Hey, a few words and pointing worked great in Italy. You'd be surprised how much you can do with a word or too and an inflection.

Still, it's great to know have, am/are, go and a few other selected verbs, as well as "how do you say _____?"

Immerse yourself!