May 20, 2012

Netherlands! #2

The Ryder Studio School
visited the Netherlands for a two-week session
"The Rembrandt Pilgrimage";
a tour made up of a group of artists
exploring the cities and towns of
Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh and others.
We also explore working in the wonderful light
during a 5-day drawing instruction in The Hague,
and then complete our tour
visiting other historic and artistic sites,
finishing with a colorful stroll through
a very large tulip garden....

Within walking distance to our hotel -
visited many times, thanks to our

Purchased as part of our Tour;
for free entrance to
many museums all over The Netherlands,
and good for a year!

First three days of our tour in Amsterdam;
canal cruise, visiting museums,
Rembrandt's home,

Zaanse Schans
A historical village for some afternoon sketching...

...And where we were tempted,
and yet resisted buying wooden shoes...

And then on to the fishing village,
Volendam for more sketching,
and to enjoy fresh seafood.
(See my next blog under "Friends and Fun"
for specific herring-related adventures...)
And completing our visit of Amsterdam at the
Van Gogh Museum.

From Amsterdam to the Hague
(about 40 miles)
to begin the 5-day drawing class,
meet our model,
explore the ocean and play on the beach,
and continue to explore amazing works of art
in several museums.