May 19, 2012

Netherlands Friends/Fun #1

First Day:

Freedom of speech.

In the Amsterdam Novotel sitting area.
The characters of this adventure:
(Left to Right)
Dory (Albuquerque, NM),
Toby (Seattle, WA),
Cecilia (Mexico City, Mexico),
Celeste (Santa Fe, NM)...

... (Partial view of) David "the Younger", (Birmingham, AL),
Tina (San Francisco, CA),
and her daughter Kasey (San Francisco, CA),
Anwar (Australia),
Emile (1/2 time Santa Fe, NM and 1/2 time The Hague, Netherlands),
Tony (Santa Fe, NM),
David "the Elder" (Albuquerque, NM), (and no relation to "the Younger")

One checked-bag
One carry-on
Two shoulder bags
And enough "stuff" for two weeks for two people.
Items never brought out of the bags?
=Summer capris, short-sleeved top, flip flops, and my sunglasses....

Emile our friend, "local", tour guide and comedian...
Private(!) boat tour through Amsterdam canals.


 Need a taxi?

 Have I mentioned all the bikes?

Count the bridges in view...

Tina, Cecilia, Anna (Crystal Lake, IL), Kasey
(and John's scarf...)

Our boat captain casting off for another evening tour
 at an open mooring near our hotel.

Traditional Dutch dinner
Toby and Mercia (Seattle, WA)

Emile describing many of the items on the menu
and Anna;
(probably as thrilled as I
with the thought,
"I'm not dreaming;
I'm in Amsterdam!")

Most tulip views are probably from our final full day in
The Netherlands.
More colors than I can imagine...